15 mg per capsule

Acetaldehyde, like emulsion paint or green apples”

Certified wine flavour standard used to train professional tasters to recognize and scale the intensity of acetaldehyde character. Acetaldehyde is formed by yeast during fermentation and is a typical component of wine flavour. Excessive levels can arise due to fermentation problems, premature oxidation of wine, or microbiological spoilage of wine or must.

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The best way to detect green apple flavour character in wine is as follows. Cover the sample with your hand and swirl the glass to release the aroma. Remove your hand and take a single long sniff. Repeat as necessary.
Amount of flavour per capsule
15 mg per capsule
The flavour threshold of acetaldehyde is 5 - 50 mg / l. The precise figure depends on the sulphur dioxide concentration in the wine.
Acetaldehyde is produced by yeast during fermentation. High levels in wine are indicative of fermentation problems, premature oxidation, or microbiological spoilage of must or wine.
Acetaldehyde is present in all wines. Low levels of acetaldehyde contribute to fruit character, cleanness and complexity. The compound can be an off-flavour at high concentrations when the note resembles emulsion paint.
CAS registry number
The CAS reference number for acetaldehyde is 75-07-0.
Other names
  • acetic aldehyde
  • ethanal
  • ethyl aldehyde
  • acetaldehyd
  • aldehyde acetique
  • aldeide acetica
  • octowy aldehyd
Most acetaldehyde present in wine is combined with sulphur dioxide and therefore not odour-active.
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