4-vinyl guaiacol

1.7 mg per capsule

Phenolic, like cloves or wheat beer”

Certified wine flavour standard used to train professional tasters to recognize and scale the intensity of phenolic character. 4-Vinyl guaiacol is produced by yeast from grape-derived phenolic precurors in must and wine. Concentrations formed depend on grape variety, the conditions under which the must was prepared, the yeast strain chosen, and the fermentation conditions. This compound imparts a positive note to some white wines, imparting a flavour that resembles carnations. At higher concentrations 4-vinyl guaiacol can be an off-flavour, imparting a clove-like flavour to affected wines.

Food grade | free from sensory impurities | extensively tested | safe to smell and taste.

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The flavour of 4-vinyl guaiacol in wine can best be evaluated as follows Cover the sample with your hand and swirl the glass to release the aroma. Remove your hand and take a single long sniff. Repeat as necessary.
Amount of flavour per capsule
1.7 mg per capsule
The flavour threshold of 4-vinyl guaiacol in wine is 300 - 600 µg / l.
4-Vinyl guaiacol is formed by wine yeast from phenolic precursors present in the must. The concentrations formed depend on grape variety, extraction conditions, yeast strain and fermentation parameters.
4-Viinyl guaiacol is a positive character in Gewürztraminer wines imparting a flavour that resembles carnations. It imparts a clove-like off-flavour in white wine when present at higher concentrations. 4-Vinyl guaiacol is associated with cuvées matured in new oak barrels. Side activities in some enzyme preparations added to must release precursors of 4-vinyl guaiacol and related compounds.
CAS registry number
The CAS registry number of 4-vinyl guaiacol is 7786-61-0.
Other names
  • 4-vinyl-2-methoxyphenol
  • 4-ethenyl-2-methoxyphenol
  • 2-hydroxy-3-methoxystyrene
  • 4-hydroxy-3-methoxystyrene
  • 4-hydroxy-3-methoxyvinyl benzene
  • 2-methoxy-4-vinyl phenol
  • varamol
  • para-vinyl catechol-ortho-methyl ether
  • p-vinyl guaiacol
  • vinylguaiacol
  • para-vinyl guaiacol
4-Vinyl guaiacol may be formed together with the less desirable 4-vinyl phenol. Yeast strains which do not form 4-vinyl guaiacol can be used to avoid this character. Production of 4-vinyl guaiacol by yeast in red production is inhibited by grape-derived procyanidins.
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