A new sensory perspective in the world of wine tasting.

Wine tasting is a challenging yet rewarding activity. With years of study, discourse and tasting it is possible to develop an ability to appreciate and describe the flavour of wine. But what if you're just starting out on that wine tasting journey? How can you learn the basics of wine tasting? How can you tell corked from sound wine. How can you recognize that characteristic bell pepper note in your Cabernet Sauvignon?

We manufacture 30 positive wine flavours, off-flavours and taints, together with 32 'Discovery' flavours. These certified wine flavour standards are nanoencapsulated to make them easy to use. Just add a capsule of ultra-pure, pre-weighed flavour standard to a bottle of wine and your samples are ready to serve. Unlike competing products, AROXA certified wine flavour standards let you produce wine samples which are safe to smell and taste. Whether you are new to wine tasting or have years of experience we think you'll find our Guide to Wine Tasting of interest. It contains detailed information on 30 important wine flavour attributes.

Looking to start in a small way? - order one of our Uno Wine Flavour Standards kits to help you and up to nine colleagues recognize and name ten important wine flavours.

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