sucrose octaacetate

15 mg per capsule


Custom soya milk flavour standard used to train professional tasters to recognise the bitter (sucrose octaacetate) character.

Food grade | free from sensory impurities | extensively tested | safe to smell and taste.

No flavour card is available for this product.

Flavour standard information

Technical specification

Amount of flavour per capsule
15 mg per capsule
CAS registry number
Other names
octaacetyl sucrose; sucrose octa acetate; sucrose octaacetate; ((alpha-D)-fructofuranosyl)-isomer 3,4,5-triacetyloxy-6-[3,4-diacetyloxy-2,5-bis(acetyloxymethyl)oxolan-2-yl]oxy-oxan-2-yl]methylethanoate; acetic acid [3,4,5-triacetyloxy-6-[[3,4-diacetyloxy-2,5-bis(acetyloxymethyl)-2-oxolanyl]oxy]-2-oxanyl]methylester; 1,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetylhex-2-ulofuranosyl 2,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl hexopyranoside; [4-acetyloxy-2,5-bis(acetyloxymethyl)-2-[3,4,5-triacetyloxy-6-(acetyloxymethyl)oxan-2-yl]oxyoxolan-3-yl] acetate
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This product is protected by the following trade marks and patents:
  • US Patent no. D679900
  • European Community Trade Mark
    Registration no. 009937574
  • European Community Trade Mark
    Registration no. 009856527
  • US Trade Mark Registration no. 4345057
  • US Trade Mark Registration no. 4345056
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