19th March 2020 - 19th March 2020

Beer Taster Training: Introductory Course

The Barrel Project 80 Druid St London SE1 2HQ
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£200 plus VAT. Includes lunch. There will be a short course reception afterwards.

The aims of the course are to help you

  • Indentify common beer flavours and describe them using industry standard terms

  • Objectively assess the flavour quality of beer

Flavours featured on this course

Course facilitator

Your course will be delivered by Cara Simpson. With a degree in Politics from Goldsmith’s in London, Cara is an experienced beer taster who has judged in beer industry competitions in Europe , Mexico, Brazil & the US. Having joined the company in 2015, Cara currently provides technical support to professional beer taster panels all over the world. Cara has received more than 300 hours of beer taster training since joining Cara Technology. She has facilitated Craft Beer taster training courses in the UK and USA and currently supports more than 100 beer tasting panels in both small and large breweries.

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