8.5 mg per capsule

Sweet, like sugar”

Certified cider flavour standard used to train professional cider tasters to recognize and scale the intensity of sweet character. Sweet taste is contributed to cider by sugars left behind at the end of fermentation. Some ciders may be sweetened by the addition of sugars or artificial sweeteners to the product prior to packaging. Sucralose is used in this flavour standard to mimic the sweetness of natural cider sugars.

Food grade | free from sensory impurities | extensively tested | safe to smell and taste.

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The best way to evaluate sweet taste in cider is as follows. Take a little sample into your mouth. Move it around with your tongue for a few seconds then swallow it.
Amount of flavour per capsule
8.5 mg per capsule
The flavour threshold of sucralose in cider is 2.6 mg / l.
Sweet taste is contributed to cider by sugars. Less attenuative yeasts leave some sugar behind after fermentation resulting in greater sweetness. Some ciders may be sweetened with sugars or artificial sweeteners.
Sweet taste is one of five basic tastes and a key differentiator of cider styles and products. Sweet matrials are generally odourless and can only be detected by tasting.
CAS registry number
The CAS registry number for sucralose is 56038-13-2.
Other names
  • 1,6-dichloro-1,6-dideoxy-β-D-fructofuranosyl-4-chloro-4-deoxy-α-D-galactopyranoside
  • 1',4,6'-trichlorogalactosucrose
  • trichlorosucrose
  • 4,1',6'-trichloro-4,1',6'-trideoxygalactosucrose
Sucralose is used in this flavour standard to mimic the taste of natural cider sugars. The taste is very similar to that of natural cider sugars.
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