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  • The Growing Irrelevance of Beer Styles: Part 2

    by Craig Thomas · July 29, 2016

    Miss "The Growing Irrelevance of Beer Styles: Part 1"? Read it here

    As anyone would attest, it’s easy to complain about things. It’s much harder to actually fix them. While a number of people I speak to agree with me to some extent on the growing irrelevance of beer styles, the lack of a better option leaves us in [...]

  • SABECO visit Cara Technology

    by Cara Simpson · March 9, 2015

    This week SABECO visited our offices and laboratories in Leatherhead. SABECO are the largest brewing company in Vietnam. They operate around 26 breweries, their products are produced under license in a further 6. So far, their staff have attended four 'open' beer taster training courses we have run, two Cara Brewing Seminars organized by our
    distributor, and [...]

  • Quality Manager appointed at Cara Technology

    by Cara Simpson · February 13, 2015

    We are pleased to announce that Vanesa Bosin has joined us as Quality Manager. She will be responsible for all aspects of quality assurance at Cara, including quality standards, controls and procedures. Before joining Cara, she has worked for companies such as Stanted Laboratories and Campden Bri. During her time there, she developed the skills [...]

  • Systematic problem solving in the brewery

    by Bill Simpson · February 12, 2011

    Problems are an everyday fact of life in breweries. Some demand urgent action and the resources required to achieve instant results. Others drag on for years, never to be resolved. A single brewery may encounter hundreds or sometimes even thousands of problems each year.
    Many of these are destined to be repeated across other breweries within [...]

  • Understanding and controlling yeast growth in the brewery

    by Bill Simpson · February 5, 2011

    Overview of the factors that affect the growth of yeast in brewery fermentations and how growth can be controlled.
  • The importance of yeast supply in multi-site brewery operations

    by Bill Simpson · September 30, 2010

    A reliable supply of yeast for fermentation is a prerequisite for brewery operations. But what's involved in making sure that your brewery's yeast supply can be counted on?
    Supply of brewing yeast cultures to breweries within a multi-site brewery group presents many challenges. The objective is to make sure that all breweries within your group are [...]

  • An A – Z of beer flavour – Acetaldehyde

    by Bill Simpson · September 17, 2010

    Acetaldehyde is an important beer flavour character. In this article we outline why it is important, how it is formed, and what has to be done in the brewery to control it.
  • Total recall: aseptic packaging without the pain

    by Bill Simpson · September 10, 2010

    Having worked in this industry for quite a while I've seen it all - at least twice. Now I know that's an outrageous exaggeration. But when it comes to product recalls of beer that has supposedly been 'aseptically' packaged, it's probably more of an understatement - I've dealt with more Pectinatus problems than I've had [...]

  • Zinc supplementation of wheat beer fermentations

    by Bill Simpson · September 10, 2010

    Zinc salts are often added to commercial lager, ale and stout fermentations - either as solutions of food-grade zinc salts or as a component of a formulated 'yeast food'. The technique has a long history of safe use being carried out to increase fermentation rate, improve the extent of attenuation, improve yeast vigour and viability [...]