octanoic acid

2.5 mg per capsule

Caprylic, like goat hair or candle wax”

Certified beer flavour standard used to train professional beer tasters to recognize and scale the intensity of caprylic character. Octanoic acid is produced by yeast during beer maturation. It is a desirable flavour note in some pale lager beers, positively contributing to both flavour and mouthfeel.

Food grade | free from sensory impurities | extensively tested | safe to smell and taste.

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Technical specification

The best way for assessors to evaluate caprylic flavours in beer caused by octanoic acid is as follows. Cover the beer with your hand and swirl the glass to release the aroma. Remove your hand and take a single long sniff. Repeat as necessary.
Amount of flavour per capsule
2.5 mg per capsule
The flavour threshold of octanoic acid in beer is 5 mg / l.
Octanoic acid is produced by yeast during maturation of beer. It is released into beer from autolysing yeast cells.

Professional beer tasters can confuse the flavour of octanoic acid with the following:

  • Iso-α-acids
  • trans,trans-2-4-Heptadienal
  • Acetic acid
Octanoic acid imparts a desirable flavour note to some pale lager beers. It positively affects both beer flavour and beer mouthfeel. It is associated with traditionally-produced lagers which have undergone prolonged maturation.
CAS registry number
The CAS registry number of octanoic acid is 124-07-2.
Other names
  • caprylic acid
  • n-caprylic acid
  • 1-heptane carboxylic acid
  • octanoic acid
  • n-octanoic acid
  • octoic acid
  • n-octoic acid
  • octylic acid
  • octylic acid
The form in which this standard octanoic acid standard is presented allows for use of a lower concentration to generate the required flavour intensity than predicted from its threshold.
Threshold distribution
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