dimethyl sulphide

150 µg per capsule

DMS, like sweetcorn or tomato sauce”

Certified beer flavour standard used to train professional beer tasters to recognize and scale the intensity of DMS character. Dimethyl sulphide is formed from thermal degradation of malt-derived precursors and to a lesser extent from metabolism of brewer's yeast. It can also be formed by bacterial contaminants.

Food grade | free from sensory impurities | extensively tested | safe to smell and taste.

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Technical specification

The best way to evaluate dimethyl sulphide in beer is to swirl the sample to release the aroma and then take a single short sniff.
Amount of flavour per capsule
150 µg per capsule
The flavour threshold of DMS in beer is 30 - 50 µg / l.
Dimethyl sulphide is formed from malt-derived precursors (S-methyl methionine and dimethyl sulphoxide), primarily during wort production and – to a lesser extent – during fermentation.

Dimethyl sulphide is sometimes confused with the following flavours in beer

  • Methyl thioacetate
  • Ethanethiol
  • Dimethyl trisulphide
DMS is a desirable flavour in some pale lager beers and ales and an off-flavour in other beers. Excessive levels of DMS are indicative of growth of contaminant bacteria during fermentation.
CAS registry number
The CAS registry number for DMS is 75-18-3
Other names
  • DMS
  • dimethyl monosulfide
  • methylsulfanylmethane
  • methyl monosulfide
  • methane thiomethane
  • methyl sulfide
  • methyl thioether
  • methylsulfanylmethane
  • 2-thiapropane
  • thiobis(methane)
  • thiobismethane
The perception of dimethyl sulphide is influenced by the presence of aromatic higher alcohols such as 2-phenylethanol in beer. When significant concentrations of 2-phenylethanol are present in beer, for example due to the use of certain yeast strains or fermentation conditions, perception of DMS is suppressed.
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