citric acid

457 mg per capsule

Sour, like lemon juice or acidic beer”

Certified beer flavour standard used to train professional beer tasters to recognize and scale the intensity of sour character. Acidity in beer is primarily derived from the activities of brewer's yeast during fermentation. Sour tastes can also be caused by contaminant bacteria and wild yeasts.

Food grade | free from sensory impurities | extensively tested | safe to smell and taste.

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The best way to evaluate sour flavour in beer is as follows. Take a little beer into your mouth. Move it around with your tongue for a few seconds then swallow it.
Amount of flavour per capsule
457 mg per capsule
The flavour threshold of citric acid in beer is 60 mg / l.
Acidity in beer is primarily derived from yeast metabolism during fermentation. Acidification in the brewhouse, using lactic acid bacteria or food-grade acids, such as lactic or phosphoric acid, is also important.

Professional beer tasters sometimes confuse the flavour of citric acid with the following

  • Acetic acid
  • Lactic acid
  • Astringent
Sour, acidic notes are one of five basic tastes found in beer and a major differentiator of styles and products. Such flavours are a signature flavour character of Belgian Sour Ales and Lambic beers.
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Other names
  • 3-carboxy-3-hydroxypentane-1,5-dioic acid
  • citretten
  • 2-hydroxy-1,2,3-propane tricarboxylic acid
  • 2-hydroxypropane tricarboxylic acid
  • 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylic acid
  • 2-hydroxytricarballylic acid
  • beta-hydroxytricarboxylic acid
Acidity in beer is caused by a variety of acids including pyruvic acid, α-ketoglutaric acid and free hydrogen ions.
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