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Our products and services have been used to help raise beer tasting standards and the quality of beer produced in close to 2,000 production sites. More than 25,000 professional tasters have been selected, screened, trained and validated using our innovative flavour standard products. Our sensory software is used by major brewers all over the world. We manufacture 54 positive beer flavours, off-flavours and taints, together with 32 'Discovery' flavours. These beer flavours are nanoencapsulated for stability, and safe to smell and taste. Everything you need for professional beer tasting.

Whether you are new to beer tasting or have years of experience we think you'll find our Guide to Beer Tasting useful, containing, as it does, detailed information on 56 important beer flavour attributes. Take a look at how you can use our AROXA Beer Taster Validation Schemes to monitor the competence of your beer tasters in the areas of flavour identification and scale use. And, if you are running a quality assurance taste panel and want to access your results in an easy to understand way from any internet-enabled computer, you might be interested in our SensCheck Sensory Analysis System - easy to use software to run all your routine tasting in multiple locations.

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