AROXA™ Taster Validation Schemes


Are your tasters as good you as you think they are?

Can they identify a wide range of individual flavour attributes? Can they discriminate between different intensities of flavours and scale their intensities? You need a sensory proficiency testing scheme tailored to your needs.

For more than a decade our taster validation software has been used to assess the abilities of individual tasters, taste panels and companies to perform their professional tasting duties. Used together with our innovative certified flavour standards the system gives you an independent assessment of your tasters’ performance, free from bias.

Test the ability of your tasters to recognize individual flavour attributes. Identify your panel’s strengths and weaknesses so you know where to focus your training efforts. Use our scaling validation service to evaluate your tasters' use of response scales and guide them toward a consensus scale.

Our software and secure databases have hosted more than 800,000 individual sample assessments by more than 7,500 professional tasters.

The AROXA™ Taster Validation Schemes are customized to each customer’s proficiency testing needs. Contact us today to see how we might help you with your taster validation needs.