SensCheck™ Sensory Analysis System


Browser-based sensory analysis software focussed on quality assurance of food and beverages in multi-site production plants

Following four years of development and extensive customer trials, we will soon be offering our SensCheck™ Sensory Analysis System. The focus of this system is industrial sensory testing.

Every feature of the software has been designed with the aims of improving the quality of the foods and beverages produced by users and contributing to the efficiency of their production processes.


  • Automated sample entry eliminates the risk of errors.

  • Scheduling and invitation tools make better use of your tasters’ time.

  • Panels selected on the basis of performance produce better results.

  • Computerized data collection gets rid of the need to re-key information.

  • Reports focussed on what staff need to know support them in the decisions they have to take to maintain and improve production efficiency and product quality.



The system allows you to carry out descriptive profiling, magnitude estimation, quality assessment, in-process tasting and end-product release.

SensCheck™ Sensory Analysis software is hosted on our secure network and provided as a service (SaaS). The system works with all PCs, tablets and mobile devices connected to the internet (including iPads and iPhones) and can be integrated to other software within your production units via our application programming interface (API).

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