Our Discovery™ programme


An opportunity to get involved with our research and development programme and shape the specification of future flavour standards

It takes a long time to develop and launch a flavour standard. The process begins with the a search of the literature for suitable candidate compounds. We cast our net wide making use of on-line databases, internet resources, and our on-site library facility. Potentially useful materials are shortlisted and a safety evaluation conducted before identifying suitable suppliers.

Having secured a supply of the flavour our next step is for our expert tasters to screen candidate compounds. This done by adding a purified sample of the flavour to the target product, be it beer, wine, cider, water, cheese, milk etc. Smelling and tasting such substances is worthless - context is everything so the flavour has blend into the product to allow it to be evaluated.

Having identified a potentially useful material our next step is to find the best way to stabilize it as a dry power. We have a lot of expertise in this area, and wide palette of encapsulation technologies at our disposal.

Once we have encapsulated the flavour, or next step is to determine the flavour content of the powder. Initially we do this by sensory analysis, deploying more sophisticated chemical analysis techniques later.

Now we have to determine the relationship between the concentration of the compound and its perceived intensity in the target product - our aim being to make a product that gives a noticeable but not too strong flavour (3 on a 0 - 10 scale) when used at the recommended concentration.

Typically the above activities span a period of six months to a year.

Following this stage we would usually move to try the potential product with as many tasters as possible. This would be done either by sending samples to customers for evaluation, or by trying out the flavours during taster training courses held on customer sites.

While not perfect, the advantage of this approach is we have a degree of user input into the development process. The disadvantages include that the number of users involved is usually relatively small and that the input comes at quite a late stage in the process.

With our Discovery™ flavour standards we aim to change all that.

Discovery™ flavour standards - your chance to input to our development process

  • Whevever you buy our regular flavour standards for beer, cider, water, wine or soft drinks you'll earn Discovery™ points.
  • You can use these points to 'buy' our Discovery™ flavour standards - long before they'll make it into full production
  • Use the materials just like regular flavour standards, but give us your feedback and we'll credit your account with further Discover™ points to buy additional standards to try


So how do you get started?

Simply order some flavour standards from our regular range (and remember - shipping is free) - then use the Discovery™ points you've earned to buy some Discovery™ flavour standards to try. Fill in our evaluation form to earn more points, then repeat as necessary.

We currently have 32 Discovery™ flavour standards available, with a further 30 in development. The materials available today are: