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Cara Technology sells everything you need to set up, develop and deploy professional taste panels. Our products and services have been used for more than 15 years in close to 2,000 production sites. More than 25,000 professional tasters have been selected, screened, trained and validated with our certified flavour standards and sensory software. Our web-based sensory software is used by major companies all over the world.


Certified flavour standards for training professional tasters

Certified flavour standards can be used to train your tasters to recognize and scale the intensity of individual flavour notes in beer, cider, wine, water, soft drinks and many other foods and beverages. Each certified flavour standard contains a precise quantity of powdered sensory-pure flavour material, nano-encapsulated for stability.

The materials are added directly to your product . The flavoured product is safe for tasters to smell and taste.

Manufactured in our ISO9001-accredited facility, each batch of certified flavour standards is extensively and meticulously analysed to assure consistent flavour character and strength.


AROXA certified flavpur standards are easy to use and require no specialist facilities. All you need is your product (beer cider, wine, water, soft drinks etc), clean bottles or flasks, some glasses and, of course, some tasters to taste the samples.

Our certified flavour standards are provided with full instructions and are very easy to use. The concentration of each and every material is tailored to the product for which it's intended. Thus a beer flavour standard for diacetyl (2,3-butanedione) is delivered at one concentration while that for wine is delivered at a different concentration.

While the range of flavours we offer is wide, we also have an extensive range of new flavours in development. Take a look at our Discovery™ section to learn more.


Flavour standard kits to help make choosing easier

You can buy any of these certified flavour standards individually, or in kits. We supply 18 different flavour standards kits, individually optimized for water, cider, wine, beer and soft drinks. They are sized to allow you to train groups of around 10 assessors. With one of our flavour standard kits you'll be able to train your assessors to objectively evaluate a range of flavours in the product of your choice.

Our certified flavour standards kits include:


Flavour cards to educate tasters and taste panel leaders


Taster validation schemes to assess taster competence

Various types of taster validation scheme are available to provide you with independent proficiency testing of your professional taste panel:

  • Beer taster validation scheme – flavour identification
  • Beer taster validation scheme – attribute scaling
  • Custom schemes for cider, water, soft drinks and wine available


SensCheck sensory analysis software for routine sensory quality assurance in multi-site FMCG production sites

Modular browser-based software to handle all your tasting and taste panel needs

  • Recruitment of assessors
  • Selection of assessors
  • Screening of assessors
  • Training of assessors
  • Validation of assessors
  • Routine sensory analysis, including end-product release testing, descriptive profiling and shelf-life testing


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