Frequently asked questions about AROXA™ certified flavour standards

Certified flavour standards and their use

Q. What are certified flavour standards?

A. Certified flavour standards are sensory-pure powdered flavourings which can be added to a wide range of foods and beverages to impart specific flavour notes at precise concentrations. Being safe to smell and taste they can be used to screen assessors to assess their aptitude for specific flavour evaluation tasks, train tasters to recognize and scale specific flavour notes, and validate the performance of tasters in blind tests,

Q. How are certified flavour standards produced?

A. We start with highly pure food-grade flavour compounds or, in the case of taints, the nearest equivalent material. We then further purify the material by adsorption, chromatography, distillation or crystalization. Having purified the material we check it is sensory pure by evaluating it by GC-olfactometry. After that the sensory pure material is stabilized by nano-encapsulation using food-grade materials. The flavour content of the encapsulated flavour is determined by chemical analysis before odourless and tasteless excipients are added to the encapsulated material to dilute it to the target strength. Finally the material is filled into gelatine or plastic capsules then assembled into secondary packaging.

Q. How are certified flavour standards quality assured

A. Quality assessment of our materials takes place throughout the production process.

Testing carried out includes

  • Chemical testing by GC-MS and GC to confirm identity
  • Chemical testing by GC-MC, GC, HPLC, titration, and colorimetry to assess concentration
  • Physical tests combined with Statistical Process Control to assure capsule to capsule consistency
  • Sensory testing to assure flavour identity, quality and intensity
  • Microbiological testing to assure hygienic status


Q. What sort of safety assessments are made on certified flavour standards?

A. We operate an extensive HACCP system within our quality management system to assure product safety. Risks relating to all ingredients, processes and products are reviewed at a minimum frequency of six months. We make use of a number of independent sources of safety information to make sure that we are using the most reliable information available. We factor in a large margin of safety to ensure that use of our flavour standards does not give rise to a risk of exceeding the acceptable daily intake (ADI) for assessors who ingest the materials.

Q. What is the shelf life of the AROXA™ certified flavour standards?

A. Most certified flavour standards have a shelf life of 9 - 15 months from the date of dispatch, with the shelf life varying depending on the specific flavour standard. During this time the materials will deliver 95% of their specified target flavour concentration in the products to which you add them, with no off-flavours or taints.

Q. I need to make a trip by air - can I take my certified flavour standards on board the aircraft with me?

A. Since the materials are relatively odourless in the dry state, contain only very small quantities of flavour-active materials, are powders rather liquids and do not contain any volatile or flammable solvents most airlines are happy to carry flavour standards both in hand luggage or checked baggage.

Q. How stable are the flavours after I have added them to my product?

A. Most of our certified flavour standards are nanoencapsulated - each individual flavour molecule, or a small group of flavour molecules is protected by a single, larger encapsulant molecule. When the materials are added to beer, cider, wine, water or soft drinks the flavour is released from the encapsulating agent into the product. Thereafter it behaves exactly like the flavour component would when naturally occurring in the product. Some materials will remain stable for hours, days or weeks, Others will dissipate more quickly. In general we advise you to make up samples just before use, and preferable no more than an hour or so before you serve them.

Q. I thought that FlavorActiV was the only company making flavour standards - who is AROXA™?

A. Cara Technology has been manufacturing flavour standards since 1996 building on research work carried out by the company's Founder Dr Bill Simpson in the early 1990s. These materials were manufactured exclusively for FlavorActiV Limited until late 2011. They are now available direct from Cara Technology's UK facility under the AROXA™ brand name. As of April 2012 Cara Technology no longer supplies FlavorActiV with our proprietary flavour standards. Flavour standards produced by Cara Technology are only available under the AROXA™
brand name, and are not available from any other vendor.


Use of certified flavour standards in assessor training

Q. Are samples to which certified flavour standards have been added safe to smell and taste?

A. Yes. The materials we produce are safe to smell and taste when used as directed. Where any allergy is suspected, for example to sulphur dioxide, assessors should abstain from assessing such samples.

Q. How many servings can be produced from one jar of flavour standards?

A. Each jar of AROXA™ certified flavour standards can be used to prepare 100 standard servings of flavoured product for your assessors.

Q. How should I store my flavour standards?

A. Store them in the dry at room temperature (below 30C). Do not refrigerate or freeze them.


Ordering of AROXA™ certified flavour standards

Q. Can I place an order by telephone?

A. Yes, you can. Call us on +44 1372 439 990 between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00 hrs UK time.

Q. I ordered the wrong item - what should I do?

A. Get in touch with us via our contact form or by phone and we'll sort it out for you.

Q. How long does it take for products to be dispatched?

A. All products listed on our website are supplied from stock. We will begin to prepare your order within 24 hours of receipt and usually dispatch your order within 48 hours. Depending on your location you can expect to receive your order within 1 - 5 days after placing it.

Q. What countries do you ship to?

A. Over the last 15 years our products have been shipped to more than 170 countries. We aim to deliver to you no matter where you are in the world.

Q. What does shipping cost?

A. Shipping on orders costing 200 GBP or more placed on our website is free. We ship using reputable international couriers.

Q. Why do you offer free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee?

A. Quite simply because we believe in our products. We have a lot of confidence that you'll like them, and that you'll find them useful.  Over time,  we hope that you'll find them indispensable. But at least initially, we recognize that you don't know the people you're buying from. And you're not too sure what you're buying. So go ahead - place and order and see what you think. If it's not for you, no hard feelings. We'll sort it out!

Q. What payment options are available?

A. We accept all major credit and debit cards. We welcome companies to open an account with us allowing you to pay 30 days after receiving an invoice from us.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. You can get in touch with us using our contact form, by email ( or by calling us on +44 1372 439 990 between the hours of 08:00 hrs and 18:00 hrs UK time Monday to Friday. Or postal address is:

Cara Technology Limited

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Our company registration number is: 224098

Our VAT number is: GB 492 3199 23